10 Ways to Bring More Play into your World


Why? Because it’s fun. Because it changes your perspective. Because you change the way you do things. Because everything is both less and more serious. Yes, it’s a good thing.

  1. Blow bubbles into the breeze. Glittering, irridescent, I dare you not to be a little happier.
  2. Color with crayons. You can stay in the lines, or go wild. Just think of all the possibility.
  3. Write each word of your notes in a different color. Sure you are much slower that way, but slow is good.
  4. Do a secret Playdate. It’s amazing what you can get done in an hour of playing.
  5. Have a spontaneous dance party in your living room. Move and shake and dance the silliest dance moves that come to your mind.
  6. Do everything backwards for a day. How about you start your day going to bed before dinner?
  7. Make public art. Not everything is a political statement and sometimes fun and pretty get to be just fun and pretty. You could use more fun and pretty.
  8. Build a nest and take a nap with your favorite stuffy.
  9. Washi Tape goes with everything. With your notebook, your computer, your wall and even your mood.
  10. Visit the Playground in Portland, or around the corner from your house. When was the last time you swung on a swing?

2 responses to “10 Ways to Bring More Play into your World”

  1. Lovis says:

    Exactly, live sometimes like a child and donĀ“t take your life so serious, you not gonna survive it anyway. ;) That really frees up the mind and soul. Love your ideas.

  2. Tom says:

    … play improv!